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Insurance Claim Process


First and Foremost

Always have an inspection by Roofsmart completed before contacting your Insurance. We have sat down with plenty of agents to offer our services to them, every time they send us for a free inspection before a claim is started.

We take pictures of any damage that is found and provide recommendations to you as to whether your insurance company will pay for a claim or not.

The reason we provide you with the honest truth is because on the day of your insurance adjuster being on-site, we want to be there to work for you in getting the claim approved. We do not waste any ones time hoping the insurance provides a freebie.

So if we find sufficient damage on your roof we will instruct you to call your insurance claims department and simply file a claim. We will attempt to provide you with a storm date of the damages and also provide any documentation required from your insurance company (reports, pictures, estimates, etc.)

An insurance adjuster will contact you within 48 hours from the time you file the claim to set up an appointment for an onsite evaluation.

 We either receive a settlement or we are denied. Okay so if we are denied and we intend to prove your case we will set up a re-inspection with a different adjuster. This is allowed once per claim if needed.

That's It!!!

All negotiations as to the final claim amount will be handled between RoofSmart and your Insurance provider. You have already set up a Deductible within your homeowners policy and that is ALL you pay once all work is complete and you are Completely Satisfied.

Most of the time your insurance company will hold what's called Recoverable Depreciation. Everyone always worry's a bit about this because most are unfamiliar with the term. All this means is that you are going to receive two payments, one will come in the mail with your approved insurance paper work and the final payment (Recoverable Depreciation) will come once we provide proof that the work has been completed (aka Completion Letter).

If you decide not to get the work done than your insurance company will keep the Depreciation amount because your home has lost value do to the damages.

Remember we have licensed adjuster on staff at Roofsmart, we know what your insurance is looking for and we know how to communicate with them.

We have handled thousands of claims and look forward to being the trusted company when you happen to experience these unfortunate circumstances.

Call Us Today For A Free Inspection at 678-954-8593 or Fill out the Information box provided. We will get back to you shortly to confirm or establish the appointment.

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